What Is an Aluminium Profile?

An aluminium profile houses your LED lights to create a more finished look. In order to get the most out of the 50,000 hour lifespan of LED, you should install your LED strips with aluminium profilesThese dissipate harmful heat and can offer some protection from moisture. Not to mention that profiles will also throw light further as it narrows the LED light beam.

Types of Aluminium Profiles

Outside of your standard surface profiles, there are a range of aluminium profiles designed for different spaces and uses.

Micro Surface

Micro Surface Aluminium Profiles are ideal for applications where you might have limited space to work with, but still want a seamless finish. The APT-X can fit slim designs and sleek furniture applications​, while maintaining good heat dispersion.

Thin Surface

Designed for installation in smaller areas where you have limited space.

Our Thin Surface Profile is compatible with all IP20 strip options, but will require a high LED count to achieve a perfect seamless output (240/m 2835) when using the milky cover.


Designed for corners. The APT-C has been designed to fit any 90 degree angle and will illuminate in the correct direction due to the 45 degree angle where the strip is fitted​. Available in a standard or black anodised finish.


As its name suggests, Recessed Aluminium Profiles are designed to be tucked into the wall for a subtle, smooth and modern finish.

The APT-BB has been designed to offer a flush finish with the help of 6mm wings allowing for easy installation into milled gaps​. Choose from a white lacquered or standard or black anodised finish, with a frozen or milky diffuser.

Aluminium Profile Examples

Here are some of our aluminium profiles in action.

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