Surface LED Profile

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  • The APT-Y surface mounted LED profile has been designed to accommodate for waterproof strip options, allowing enough room for the strip body and end caps
  • Compatible with all strip options 
  • Diffuser transparency: Clear = 100% / Frosted (PC) = 90% / Frozen (PC) = 78% / Milky (PMMA) = 50% / Black (PMMA) = 22%
  • Aluminium construction
Profile Length

2020 mm

Internal Width

14.4 mm

Max PCB width

14 mm

Overall Width

17 mm


18 mm

Product Code



Please select the amount of end caps needed for your final linear lighting solution.

Refer to the profile description for more information on what diffuser you need for full diffusion / transparency, if you’re still unsure, please get in touch with a member of the team for advice.

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