At Ledapt, we understand that each project can offer new challenges.
That’s why we offer the options to purchase in different methods, as seen below.

Standard Reel

Standard reel length of one reel is the maximum run length of the product selected.
Example, Ultra-Pure reel length = 8m.

(Order via the website)

Larger Reels

If you would like to receive a length that is longer than the maximum run length on one reel, simply specify for example 40m Ultra-Pure. Maximum 50m. You will then need to cut and solder before installing, in line with the maximum run length.

(Email [email protected] with your request)

Bespoke Cutting Service

If you have a range of different lengths needed on a particular project, simply specify the lengths required and we’ll take care of the rest.

(Email [email protected] with your request)

Remember to follow the maximum run length listed for each product.
Find within product specifications online or on the product data sheets*