How To Cut And Solder LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are both flexible, cuttable and can be modified to suit any application. Soldering LED strip lights allows for extended length, multi-strip connection, and secure bonding. 

This blog features easy step by step instructions on how to cut and solder LED strip lights to reach the most suitable length for your target application.

How To Cut And Solder LED Strip Lights:

  1. Cut the strip
  2. Remove the covering
  3. Pre-tin the strip
  4. Pre-tin the wire 
  5. Solder the strip and wires together
  6. Test the solder

1. Cut The Strip

Firstly, decide where you want the LED strip light to be cut. Once you know this, use scissors or side cutters to cut across the strip.

How To Cut & Solder LED Strip Lights
When cutting the LED Strip, be careful to only cut across the indicated lines. There are usually scissor markings to show you where to cut, as seen on the LED strip light above.

2. Remove The Covering

To do this you can use a carpet knife, but notice that it does not cut through the whole strip since it is a copper circuit board. Ensure all the covering is peeled off from the area where you will be soldering.

3. Pre-Tin The Strip

Pre-tin the strip. Solder a small blob of solder onto each contact point.

4. Pre-Tin The Wire

After you pre-tin the strip, pre-tin the end of the wire.

5. Solder The Strip And Wires Together

Finally, individually place the wire to the contact point and then place the soldering iron over both in order to heat up each solder enough to melt and become one. Be sure to hold it long enough to not create a “cold joint.” 

Cold solder joints occur when only one of the solder joints is heated and connected while the other is still cold. They will not carry electrical current. 

Learn more about how to prevent a cold solder here

6. Test Your Solder

Once dry, connect your freshly soldered LED Strip light to a proper power source and test your connection.

How To Solder Two Strip Lights Together:

To solder two strip lights together, follow the first 2 steps mentioned above, and then do the following:

3. Solder Onto Each Contact Point On One Strip

Solder a small blob of solder onto each contact point on one strip.

4. Align And Apply Heat 

Align the non-tinned strip segment over the newly tinned pads and apply heat. Hold the soldering iron in place until the solder re-melts and begins to flow. A small portion of solder may be added to the top pad for stable connection and to improve visual appearance. 

5. Test Your Solder 

how to cut and solder LED light strips
The LED strip lights are now connected, and power should flow through the entire length of the strip.

And there you have it! You now know how to effectively cut and solder flexible led strip lights

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Written by Kate, for Ledapt.

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